About Us

Al-Shamel Training is a leading company in the world of training in the Kingdom

The Al-Shamel Training Centre in Saudi Arabia was established in 2021 by a selection of specialized experts Based on the best practices, modern concepts and global standards applied in the development and improvement of the training and education process with a view to creating a distinct training and education environment, Helps spread knowledge and the high quality of contacts and encourages a culture of creativity and innovation and achieves the strategic vision of national institutions and companies, thereby contributing to the orientation of the future and finding sustainable root solutions to critical issues and to improve competitiveness. In this sense, we have been committed through an integrated, experienced and efficient task force that strives to keep abreast of global developments in order to improve the quality of training, education and advisory services provided through three main themes: (Knowledge awareness, innovation, and scientific research) with the aim of developing talent and creativity, achieving global leadership, enabling competencies, building capacities, enhancing productivity and optimal investment in development to achieve sustainable growth and promising future visions in line with Vision 2030.

Our Vision

Knowledge-based training and innovation to improve quality of life and achieve global leadership.

Our Message

Building and developing an integrated training and education system aimed at improving the quality of life and meeting the needs of the future labor market developing national competencies through the knowledge consciousness industry and entrenching the culture of scientific research and innovation, to achieve global leadership.

Our Values

Respect and tolerance, professional transparency, knowledge and innovation, loyalty and belonging, determination and perseverance, customer happiness, global leadership, strengthening partnerships

The Founder

Our Experts

Eng/Saleh Saeed Al Mashraf



Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

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We Follow Best Practices

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